Virtual Reality


Playing Videos

Sheer Experience videos are 180°, side-by-side (SBS), and fisheye. These are the three most important settings for the videos. The video player that you use will need to be configured this way to display them correctly.

Desktop Players


Whirligig is the recommended player. The three important settings of 180°, side-by-side, and fisheye can be accessed right on the main menu.

To get the highest performance for video playback in Whirligig it’s recommended that you use DirectShow. You will need to install the LAV Filters to enable this. You can find more information here. If the video stutters after setting up the LAV Filters, and you are using an Nvidia card, follow these steps:

  1. Open LAV Video Configuration on your PC
  2. On the Video Settings tab go to “Hardware Decoder to use” and select “NVIDIA CUVID” in the dropdown
  3. Make sure the boxes for H.264 and HEVC are checked
  4. Click OK


DeoVR is another great option. To get the videos to display correctly open Settings by clicking the gear icon after you start the video, go to the Advanced tab, then switch on Fisheye. This player loses points by making the user dig into a submenu to change this setting instead of putting it on the main menu next to the buttons for 180 and side by side but other than that it’s a great player.

Open VR Video Player

This player is not recommended.

Skybox VR Player

This player is not recommended.

Oculus Video

This player is not recommended.

Mobile Players


DeoVR is the only mobile player recommended at this time. To get the videos to display correctly open Settings by clicking the gear icon after the video is started, go to the Advanced window, then switch on Fisheye.

Which video version should you download?

Start by downloading the largest HEVC version of a trailer. If you have a fairly new desktop with a powerful video card you should have no problem playing it. If the video stutters try the same size in H.264. Continue working your way down the list this way until you get smooth playback.

Email [email protected] for assistance.